The initial meeting of the Crimson Bluffs Chapter was February 5, 1998 at Jaspers’ Restaurant in Townsend, Montana.  In attendance were Nancy Klee, Rose Oleson, Jim Dolezilek, Kevin McDonnell, Troy and Shirley Helmick, John Stoner, Hal and Olive Price, Barb Shaffer, Jeff Stoffer, and Beth Ihle.  

In past, we regularly conducted monthly meetings (except in summer) on the 4th Wednesday, at 1:00 in the Mint Cafe in Townsend.  However, due to the current circumstances with social distancing because of the Coronavirus, regular meetings were indefinitely suspended in March, 2020.  As of July, we are in the planning stages for an outdoor meeting in August or September 2020, with social distancing and facial masks welcomed.  For questions or comments, click here: info@crimsonbluffs.org.

Our current roster of Officers and Directors:

Officers and Directors
Townsend, Montana

President . . . Mike Castleberry
Vice President . . . Sharon Gambrel
Treasurer . . .
Bev Monigal
Secretary . . . Sharon Doig
For more information click here: info@crimsonbluffs.org