There are currently thirty-two local active chapters (9 in Montana!) of the national  Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation.  
The initial meeting was February 5, 1998 at Jaspers’ Restaurant in Townsend, Montana.  In attendance were Nancy Klee, Rose Oleson, Jim Dolezilek, Kevin McDonnell, Troy and Shirley Helmick, John Stoner, Hal and Olive Price, Barb Shaffer, Jeff Stoffer, and Beth Ihle.  

We hold our meetings these days at Wood Family Grill in Townsend, Montana usually on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 1:00.  All are welcome.

Our current roster of Officers and Directors:

Officers and Directors
Townsend, Montana

President . . . Richard Lewis
Vice President . . . Mike Castleberry
Treasurer . . . 
Matt Nelson
Secretary . . . Sharon Doig
Director . . . Troy Helmick
Director . . . Bill Hubber
Director . . . John Stoner
For more information click here: info@crimsonbluffs.org