Louisiana Purchase,
Thomas Jefferson and
the Corps of Discovery
presented from the unique prospective of
Historian, Storyteller, Guide

Free to the Public

Library Community Room
Townsend, Montana
7:00 PM- Tues., Nov. 28, 2017

For more information, please call 980-1510


The Louisiana Purchase, Thomas Jefferson, and the Corps of Discovery to the Northwest will be the topic of a presentation by retired Brig. Gen. Hal Stearns at the Library Community Room at 7:00 PM, Tuesday Nov. 28th.


Hal Stearns graduated from Harlowton High School in 1958 before receiving a bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame and master’s & doctorate degrees from the University of Montana (UM). He taught at Missoula Sentinel High School, in Wiesbaden, Germany, at Montana State University & UM, and is now with the lifelong learning program at UM and humanities programs from homesteading days to Lewis & Clark, Indian stories, and small towns— then, now and tomorrow.


Dr. Stearns will also talk to the BHS English class: Indian Voices; Student Body: My Love Affair with Montana; Evening: The Louisiana Purchase, Thomas Jefferson and the Corps to the Northwest. Evening program will focus on the great land buy that would change America for all time, geopolitics at the time of the Founding Fathers, the leadership of two great explorers Lewis and Clark, and the remarkable members of the Corps of Discovery.


The Louisiana Purchase is offered free to the public at the Library Community Room, 201 N. Spruce St. in Townsend by the Humanities Montana Speakers Bureau Program and is hosted by Crimson Bluffs Chapter, Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation.


Currently there are no speakers scheduled for 2018, however plans are in the works for a presenter to visit the Townsend area soon (keep checking this website).
We try to have one or two speakers a year present their unique prospective on Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery intrests. Most speakers are chosen through the Humanities Montana Speakers Bureau program.

Speakers in the past have included:

         Dr. Gary Moulton

         Dr. Joseph Mussulman

         Dr. Hal Stearns

         Dr. Stephen Ambrose

         Dr. Ken Karsmizki

         Dr. John Logan Allen

         Dr. Harry Fritz

         Jeanne Eder

         Robert A. Saindon

         Rick & Susie Graetz

         George Knapp & Chuck Lundstrom

         Carla Wambach

         Ron Laycock

         Sgt. Ordway and York (interpreters)

         Thomas Jefferson (interpreter)

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