Our next scheduled speaker will be archaeologist Carl M. Davis, author of "Six Hundred Generations." Mr. Davis will speak about the archaeolgical sites and human presence in our area since the end of the ice age.
Free to the public, all are welome to hear Carl during our regular meeting beginning at 1:00 at the Mint Cafe, 305 Broadway in Townsend on Sept. 23, 2020.

Six Hundred Generations

Crimson Bluffs Speakers
Speakers in the past have included:
• D
r. Gary Moulton
• Dr. Joseph Mussulman
• Dr. Hal Stearns
Dr. Stephen Ambrose
• Dr. Ken Karsmizki
• Dr. John Logan Allen
• Dr. Harry Fritz
• Jeanne Eder
• Robert A. Saindon
• Rick & Susie Graetz
• George Knapp & Chuck Lundstrom
• Carla Wambach
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• Sgt. Ordway and York (interpreters)
• Thomas Jefferson (interpreter)
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